Preparation of Quilt

A large range of different coloured threads
Your quilt top is the result of many hours of hard work and as such needs to be cared for before it is quilted. In its unquilted state it can have a tendency to stretch and seams at the edge could unravel too, so handle it gently.

Before I receive your quilt top please ensure:

  • it has been pressed carefully with all the seams facing the direction you want and any seams that have been “caught under” undone and resewn.
  • loose threads have been cut off. (A long dark thread that slips over underneath a pale piece of fabric can spoil the whole look of the quilted top).
  • edges are stay stitched if there are many seams along them.
  • the quilt is as square as possible.


Wavy borders cause more grief to quilters than almost anything else. If you are new to quilting perhaps these hints will help.
When you have completed the inner part of your quilt top BEFORE you attach the borders:

    • measure the quilt top in 3 places, short length first (See Figure 1). Average the 3 numbers.
    • cut the short borders to exactly this length.
    • attach the borders to the 2 short sides of the quilt first ie opposite each other. You may need to pin mark the border and the quilt top in quarters and then gently ease the border in to fit. This is a good time to use your walking foot if you have one.

rectangle with three arrows pointing up

  • press the first borders.


  • Measure across the middle of the quilt top again (long direction), this time including the 2 attached borders.
  • cut the next 2 borders exactly to this length.
  • attach them down the long sides of the quilt.

rectangle with three arrows going from left to right.


Press the quilt top again.

Hanging the top and the backing over a coat hanger for delivery will help ensure they stay neat and tidy.


Please ensure that the backing:

  • is carefully pressed (and washed if you have washed all your other fabrics).
  • is 10-15cm larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.
  • has had all selvages removed.
  • is squared up i.e. the side edges are parallel to each other and are as close to square as possible at the corners.

The best option is to have no seams in the backing fabric but this is not always possible. If you have joined fabric pieces together to make your backing ensure you have cut off all selvages (even if they are on the outer edge) as the weave is usually tighter here and can make the quilt pucker.
An excellent selection of good quality wideback fabrics at reasonable prices is available from Widebacks Australia.

A point to remember is that it is very difficult for a longarm quilter to “match” a pattern on the back with a pattern on the front of the quilt so often it is better to choose an allover or plain fabric for the back. Also, if the backing colour is very different from the quilt top the colour may show through. Choosing a backing in the same or similar colour tones to the front usually works best.


If you are providing your own batting please ensure:

  • it is at least 10-15cm larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.
  • that the style of batting you have chosen will give you the look you want in the finished quilt.

If you would rather, I can provide batting. I sell a variety of good quality battings including wool/cotton, wool/poly, cotton/poly. They are generally 240cm wide. You will be charged for the length (or width) of your quilt plus 10 cm and any unused batting will be returned to you.

Quilting Patterns

You may like to look at various websites before you come, to give yourself some ideas about edge to edge patterns available, but I will, of course, help you with pattern selection. I have many available to choose from.

Custom quilting

If custom quilting is desired details will be discussed with you.

Thread selection

I have in stock a very wide range of thread types and colours suitable for your quilt. I will be happy to assist you in choosing the colour and type of thread to best enhance your quilt.Your quilt deserves the best treatment. Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions.Looking forward to working with you.

Juliet Edwards